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One of my goals for this year was to try out some new recipes. So far we are off to a great start!  Last week I made three new recipes – all of which were mostly well received by Garrett. WIN.

The first one I made was Apricot Chicken. This is a crockpot recipe which is awesome! I don’t use my crockpot nearly enough. I put the chicken in right before we went to a movie, and it was done when we got home. You can find the recipe here. The sauce looks a little sketchy at first and the mixture of ingredients are 3 things that I would have never dreamed of putting together, but it turned out to be really delicious. 

Next I made vegetable soup. I actually wasn’t the biggest fan of this one, but Garrett loved it, so I guess that’s a win in my book. This recipe makes a ton, so if there are just 2 of you, I would recommend halving it, unless you want to eat it for at least 3 meals. The good thing about this recipe is that it is low in calories (185/serving) and super filling. That recipe can be found here. I didn’t follow this recipe exactly. We don’t like onions and we didn’t have parsely, so I just put in some random herbs.

Next, I tried Vegetable Ritoni. I loved it but Garrett said the noodles were boring. It didn’t really have any sauce except for chicken broth, but you could easily dump a can of spaghetti sauce over this and it would still be great! I will probably do that next time. That recipe is here. Again, we didn’t follow the recipe exactly. We put an entire container of mushrooms in because we both like them, some cherry tomatoes for Garrett, and not quite enough spinach. We went ahead and cooked the whole box of noodles so that we would have leftovers – but then I forgot to double the rest of the recipe. Oops. This website is chock full of recipes for just 2 people. I love it!

Maybe my next food post will include pictures, but don’t count on it. 
Have a great week!

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I have always wished I was more of a journaler. The longest success I have ever had with keeping a journal was a week, and I was on a mission trip in Washington D.C.  We were encouraged to spend time journaling every day, and I knew I would value the memories the journal provided me with later in life. However, I was a 16 year-old-girl. Looking back at that journal I realize that I should’ve spent more time noticing how God was working through our group and through the kids that we saw everyday … and a little less time noticing Jesse McAlexander. 

Anyways, I have tried to start journaling several times since then with little success. Last week I stumbled on this thing called the 5 year journal on Pinterest. 5 years seemed excessive to me, so I knocked it down to the one year journal for now. All you’re supposed to do is write one sentence per day. I just bought a 2013 planner that has big spaces for each day and write in there. At this link there are some prompts for January and February. Some of them are silly, like “what is your favorite snack?” but others really got me thinking. It shouldn’t be too hard to write one sentence a day. I am trying to keep mine to one thing that day that made me happy. For example for yesterday I just put, “I made vegetable soup for dinner, and Garrett loved it.” Not much, but it was something that made me really happy.

If you have tried everything from mission trip journaling, picture-a-day journaling, and everything in between with little success, try utilizing these prompts! Hopefully it will come naturally to you (and to me!) after a little while.

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Goals for 2013!

2012 was a great year. It ended with a trip to Colorado where Garrett and I spent our first Christmas with my parents. It was a great week, and I’ll share my favorite picture of the week here:



This is our niece, Lily, after she opened the Christmas present we got her. Love her smile!

Even thought I did not accomplish my one goal of the week, which was getting Lily to say “Aunt Zizi” it was still a great trip and much needed vacation.

The day after we got back, a great friend of mine surprised me by showing up at my house to tell me that he moved to Edmond. I could not imagine a better way to end the year. I was shocked, to put it lightly. My friend Devin helped pull off the surprise, and it went flawlessly. 

Now that 2012 is over, I figured that I should jump on the blogging bandwagon and post my goals for 2013. 

1. Get in shape! Isn’t this everyone’s goal?! I don’t just want to wear a bikini come summertime, I want to just feel better. I just feel draggy all the time. Also, I’ve heard working out helps with sleep and I feel like I very rarely get a good night’s sleep.

2. Cook a new food every week. I think Garrett and I eat a total of 10 meals. We know what we like, I guess! But, I am ready to add some new recipes to our menu. Maybe by the end of the year we can have a whole month with no repeated meals. I have pinned hundreds of recipes on Pinterest, so I’m going to start with those. I’ll be posting the recipes that we love on this blog.

3. Visit somewhere we have never been. I’m pushing for a big “before kids” trip to San Francisco. I know it’s not as exciting as going overseas but it seems more doable financially, especially when you consider goal number 4 …

4. Really start saving for kids. Whether we decide to adopt or go another route, it will cost thousands more than the average person’s pregnancy. I have always wanted kids, but I feel ready now. Even though the cost still blows my mind, I feel like we are in a good place right now. Our marriage is very strong and we have a house with plenty of room for a couple kiddos. 

5. Read at least 30 books. Growing up, I loved reading. My mom told me that I used to get up before school and read. Apparently I’ve never been great at sleeping in. I think my literature based history curriculum in high school, as well as my literature classes in college completely ruined reading for me. In 2012 I read 4 books. That is absolutely atrocious. I didn’t even read my 2 books that I read every year (Les Mis and Uncle Tom’s Cabin). Please comment with any books that you think are a must-read!

Happy 2013 everyone!


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We are all moved into our new house and we love it! This weekend was EXHAUSTING. I am going to post about this weekend in timeline form so you can get a little taste of what this weekend was like!

3:30 pm – left the closing office with keys!!! Went to the old home to change in to painting clothes and headed to the new house.
5:00 In-laws came over to help paint! They are the greatest.
5:30 Garrett flooded the kitchen by turning the water on before the fridge was hooked up.
7:30 Mary went to Jimmy Johns because we were all dying of hunger.
9:30 Done painting. We went to the duplex to finish packing some things.
12:45am Collapse into bed.

8:00 Picked up U-Haul.
9:00 Friends came over to help move.
10:30 All boxes into new house! Our friends are awesome! Started unpacking. Thanks to Jessica, Grace, and Melissa for helping with the kitchen and to the guys for getting my baby (the piano) and Garrett’s baby (the tv) inside without any scratches. Nicki, my mother-in-law and Garrett’s grandma cleaned the house to get it ready for moving in, which was great! Jason helped bring in the little stuff, and Maggie kept everyone entertained with her cute smile!!
1:30 Took U-haul back – went back to the duplex to clean.
4:30 Sick of cleaning, went home to unpack!
7:30 Went to Lowes and Target
10:30 Collapsed into bed.

9:30 Church. Afterwards we went back to the duplex to finish cleaning.
1:30 Lunch at in-laws
2:30 Home Depot for new shower head because the one in the master bedroom was too short.
4:30 Family pics for Christmas card
5:00 Gave Brandon & Lauren (and Zuko!) “the tour.”
6:00 Garrett and Brent fixed the washer and dryer, installed the shower head, and fixed a toilet. I cleaned out my car and unpacked.
9:30 I fell asleep while Garrett was talking to me and didn’t wake up until 5:45 this morning.

It was so hard to get up and go to work this morning, but I am so happy with our little house!!

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November Wrap Up

We finished off October by buying a house! All of November has been spent waiting for loan papers to go through and packing any time we get some free time. November has been a busy month for us, I think we have had something going on every weekend!

We started out by driving to the Wichita Mountains with our friend Devin. We spent the day hiking and finished the day with some delicious peach cobbler in Meers.
Here we are at the top of Mount Scott:


A couple weekends later, my brothers came to stay with us for a few days. We borrowed a Wii, rented video games and movies, ate at Pops, took them to the zoo, and they taught me how to play Risk. They were not thrilled when I beat them!
Here are some pictures from the zoo:


The giraffes are way off in the middle of nowhere, so we hardly ever walk over to their exhibit. I was glad we did because there was a BABY GIRAFFE!

My parents drove down from Colorado, picked up my brothers, and we met them at my grandma’s house in Tulsa on Thanksgiving. We had a great time visiting with Garrett’s aunt and grandparents and my family. We spent 2 days getting as many cuddles as possible with our niece, Lily:



Her 1st birthday is in December, so we brought her a balloon.


Finally, we were given some tickets to a Thunder game and so we did that last night. It was our first time to go and I am hooked!! I think Garrett had fun too. 🙂



It has been a great month, and on the 30th we close on our house!! I will try and unpack and get some pictures up here ASAP!

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