Garrett & Kenzie Keck

Restaurant Review: Empire Slice House

on March 1, 2014

Photo taken from Google Images

At the beginning of this year, I found a list on Pinterest of places you should eat if you live in Oklahoma City. I went through the list, got rid of all the Mexican food places and a few of the really expensive places, and still ended up with a pretty decent sized list. Hubs and I tend to get in a bit of a slump when it comes to going out to eat. Let’s just say that we have been to Panera and Smash Burger way too many times. Plus, I was definitely interested in trying some local restaurants!

Last weekend my dad came to visit and he wanted to take us out to eat. It was gorgeous all weekend, and I wanted to go down to The Plaza District so he could eat at The Mule (another GREAT restaurant). We went late at night, so all the shops on the street were closed. We decided to go back the next day so my dad could check out some vintage record shops. Empire Slice House was on our list of places to eat, and I had no idea that it was on 16th street — right where we were! We stopped in for lunch.

Best pizza I’ve ever had. I’m serious. I usually am pretty indifferent about pizza. Can’t tell one from another. This definitely stood out. We ordered the Fungus Among Us. It has 3 different kinds of mushrooms, some spinach, and is sprinkled with truffle oil. SO. GOOD. It was reasonably priced at $22 for what would be considered an XL pizza from a delivery chain (they only have one size of pizza). The slices are huge, about twice the size of a “normal” slice of pizza. All the pizzas on the menu had interesting ingredients with a lot to choose from — not your typical choices of pepperoni or sausage. They also have an extensive drink menu. My I washed down my pizza with a bottle of Angry Orchard, and my dad got a Chicago Old Style beer.

The only thing that I didn’t like was that not every pizza was available by the slice. They have a few different kinds of pizza per day that are, but not all of them. It didn’t matter when we went since there were 3 of us eating and we all wanted the same pizza, but if Garrett and I were to go by ourselves, or if you were going to meet a friend there and didn’t need a whole pizza to yourself, or if your group couldn’t agree on the same pizza, you wouldn’t necessarily be able to get an individual slice of the pizza that you wanted. 

If you are tired of your local pizza delivery place and are looking for some more original ingredients to try on your pizza, I would definitely recommend trying Empire Slice House! There are lots of great shops close-by so it’s the perfect place to stop for lunch after a morning of shopping at some local Oklahoma stores. 

Check out Empire Slice House’s menu here!



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