Garrett & Kenzie Keck


on April 16, 2013

After many weeks of begging and researching and puppy dog eyes…Garrett finally agreed that it was a good time for us to get a puppy. We found a great breed online went to Red Rock, Oklahoma to look at 7 different lab/husky puppies. I noticed one right away that I loved. She was super shy but very sweet. I picked her up and said, “this one!!!” We named her Zoe.
Our life has already changed so much! We used to spend evenings on the couch watching tv, but so far we spend so much time playing with Zoe that we don’t even have time to think about that. We try to wear her out so she will sleep at night. We are very tired, but very happy with our puppy!

So far she hates her crate and baths. She likes to play and is getting better about going on walks. She likes to nap in piles of dirty laundry, which I just don’t understand. She has a love/hate relationship with the car.

We love her!






One response to “Zoe!

  1. That is one seriously adorable puppy! Congratualtions on adding to the family and good luck with all the training!

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