Garrett & Kenzie Keck


on January 9, 2013

I have always wished I was more of a journaler. The longest success I have ever had with keeping a journal was a week, and I was on a mission trip in Washington D.C.  We were encouraged to spend time journaling every day, and I knew I would value the memories the journal provided me with later in life. However, I was a 16 year-old-girl. Looking back at that journal I realize that I should’ve spent more time noticing how God was working through our group and through the kids that we saw everyday … and a little less time noticing Jesse McAlexander. 

Anyways, I have tried to start journaling several times since then with little success. Last week I stumbled on this thing called the 5 year journal on Pinterest. 5 years seemed excessive to me, so I knocked it down to the one year journal for now. All you’re supposed to do is write one sentence per day. I just bought a 2013 planner that has big spaces for each day and write in there. At this link there are some prompts for January and February. Some of them are silly, like “what is your favorite snack?” but others really got me thinking. It shouldn’t be too hard to write one sentence a day. I am trying to keep mine to one thing that day that made me happy. For example for yesterday I just put, “I made vegetable soup for dinner, and Garrett loved it.” Not much, but it was something that made me really happy.

If you have tried everything from mission trip journaling, picture-a-day journaling, and everything in between with little success, try utilizing these prompts! Hopefully it will come naturally to you (and to me!) after a little while.


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