Garrett & Kenzie Keck


on December 3, 2012

We are all moved into our new house and we love it! This weekend was EXHAUSTING. I am going to post about this weekend in timeline form so you can get a little taste of what this weekend was like!

3:30 pm – left the closing office with keys!!! Went to the old home to change in to painting clothes and headed to the new house.
5:00 In-laws came over to help paint! They are the greatest.
5:30 Garrett flooded the kitchen by turning the water on before the fridge was hooked up.
7:30 Mary went to Jimmy Johns because we were all dying of hunger.
9:30 Done painting. We went to the duplex to finish packing some things.
12:45am Collapse into bed.

8:00 Picked up U-Haul.
9:00 Friends came over to help move.
10:30 All boxes into new house! Our friends are awesome! Started unpacking. Thanks to Jessica, Grace, and Melissa for helping with the kitchen and to the guys for getting my baby (the piano) and Garrett’s baby (the tv) inside without any scratches. Nicki, my mother-in-law and Garrett’s grandma cleaned the house to get it ready for moving in, which was great! Jason helped bring in the little stuff, and Maggie kept everyone entertained with her cute smile!!
1:30 Took U-haul back – went back to the duplex to clean.
4:30 Sick of cleaning, went home to unpack!
7:30 Went to Lowes and Target
10:30 Collapsed into bed.

9:30 Church. Afterwards we went back to the duplex to finish cleaning.
1:30 Lunch at in-laws
2:30 Home Depot for new shower head because the one in the master bedroom was too short.
4:30 Family pics for Christmas card
5:00 Gave Brandon & Lauren (and Zuko!) “the tour.”
6:00 Garrett and Brent fixed the washer and dryer, installed the shower head, and fixed a toilet. I cleaned out my car and unpacked.
9:30 I fell asleep while Garrett was talking to me and didn’t wake up until 5:45 this morning.

It was so hard to get up and go to work this morning, but I am so happy with our little house!!


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