Garrett & Kenzie Keck

November Wrap Up

on November 27, 2012

We finished off October by buying a house! All of November has been spent waiting for loan papers to go through and packing any time we get some free time. November has been a busy month for us, I think we have had something going on every weekend!

We started out by driving to the Wichita Mountains with our friend Devin. We spent the day hiking and finished the day with some delicious peach cobbler in Meers.
Here we are at the top of Mount Scott:


A couple weekends later, my brothers came to stay with us for a few days. We borrowed a Wii, rented video games and movies, ate at Pops, took them to the zoo, and they taught me how to play Risk. They were not thrilled when I beat them!
Here are some pictures from the zoo:


The giraffes are way off in the middle of nowhere, so we hardly ever walk over to their exhibit. I was glad we did because there was a BABY GIRAFFE!

My parents drove down from Colorado, picked up my brothers, and we met them at my grandma’s house in Tulsa on Thanksgiving. We had a great time visiting with Garrett’s aunt and grandparents and my family. We spent 2 days getting as many cuddles as possible with our niece, Lily:



Her 1st birthday is in December, so we brought her a balloon.


Finally, we were given some tickets to a Thunder game and so we did that last night. It was our first time to go and I am hooked!! I think Garrett had fun too. 🙂



It has been a great month, and on the 30th we close on our house!! I will try and unpack and get some pictures up here ASAP!


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